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A Dream Come True
Almost 50 years ago, Lawrence Prince sketched a home for “older folks”, something he felt would be needed some day in his community.  Now proof that dreams do come true, his son, Lorne Prince and wife, Celia, Proudly welcome visitors to the spacious assisted living home on Vaughn Road.  Lorne will tell you that Prince Place was meant to be, that his father had almost forgotten the drawing until a friend, Nita Gray, heard of Lorne’s plans to open a facility and pulled the drawing from a drawer where it had been for years.  Lorne will tell you that thanks to miracles, dreams, a little luck and a lot of good old fashioned hard work, obstacles have fallen by the wayside and opportunities have opened to make his father’s dream come true.

Quality Management
Celia Prince, the administrator, graduated from West Georgia Medical Center School for Respiratory Care in 1978 and has completed many other educational achievements since.  A certified and registered respiratory therapist, she worked for 20 years at Birmingham’s HealthSouth Medical Center, where she managed a staff of more than 20 in her department.

Quality Living
Rooms are private, each with its own bath.  Four sets of rooms have joining doors allowing two members of a family greater closeness if they desire.  Residents may bring their own furniture or items that will make them feel more comfortable.  A large screened back porch and patio for barbecue and grilling with ample picnic tables looking out upon the wooded countryside.  A special touch for special occasions and a relaxing place where residents and family can visit.  Living and dining areas are tastefully decorated in burgundies and greens and furnished with traditional cherry pieces.  Three hot meals a day, served with T.L.C. and in between meals, snacks keep our residents well nourished.  Door alarms, along with an alert staff, monitor persons leaving and entering the building.


Mike Quinn provides Bible study and gospel singing weekly.
Locust Fork First Baptist ladies group provides monthly activities.
Hughes Memorial Baptist provides monthly church service.
A group consisting of Larry Reid and other singers and musicians provide entertainment for our residents monthly.